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Lavender and Clary Sage at the Young Living Farms, Mona, Utah


Young Living Business Building Ideas


We have found the best way to be successful in building your Young Living business is to specialize in one area of the oils that most interests you. For example one of our down line has become an expert in oils for animals. Another has specialized in oils for emergency preparedness as a alternative medicine if a time comes when we cannot get to a doctor. Another person has specialized in home cleaning products and family health. One of our down line has specialized in immune system oils for serious health challenges like diabetes or thyroid problems. Once you have found your "NITCH" you will find studying the oils related to that area of interest much easier to learn about because of your interest in that area. You will also find it much easier to talk to others about the oils because it will just become a natural part of your conversations. Sharing the information you have is the key to building your business


Have you ever noticed that when you are looking for something then all of the sudden it just appears? And sometimes keeps coming and coming. Have you ever wondered why that is. Well here is the reason. It is because when you get excited about something, or you are in desperate need of something you tend to mention it to others in every conversation you have. Why does that matter. It matters because of networking. Let’s say you are building a new deck on your house. Go get to the point where you needed some more wood to finish a project but could not afford to buy it right now. Because you are so excited about your project, you start talking about your project to every person you talked to. You bring up building a deck to your friend Jim and tell him you need more wood for the deck but can’t afford to get it right now. Jim smiles and says that his uncle has a pile of wood in his back yard that he had left over from building his deck and wanted to find someone to help him haul it away. Is that a coincidence that Jim told you about his uncle having wood. NO! It is networking. Jim would never have thought to tell you about his uncle having wood if you had not brought it up in the conversation. That is why you all the sudden start finding spare wood everywhere. BECAUSE YOU KEEP TELLING PEOPLE YOU NEED IT SO THEY TELL YOU SOMEONE WHO HAS IT. That is the key to NETWORKING!!! That same principle applies to building your Young Living Oils business. If you learn to bring up using the oils in your conversations and especially if you have a specialty in the oils like Emergency Preparedness or oils for animals you will find that as you talk to someone and just share with them what you are doing, they will then tell you about their aunt or cousin or friend who has been looking for help with some particular issue they are having and think the oils might be just what they need. That is what NETWORKING is all about. …it is not SALES… it is NETWORKING. Most people do not like to sell, especially cold calling, asking people if they are interested in what you have. But if you can learn to share by just bring it up in your conversations then sharing what you are excited about you will find that SHARING is much easier than SELLING. It is also much more effective because it is not confrontational to the person listening. Being too confrontational is normally offensive to friends and family. If you are just sharing, then if they are not interested they will just go on with the conversation and not feel like they have been hit upon. There is an old joke in the MLM business about not becoming a member of the “NFL club” In this case “NFL” does not stand the National Football League. It stands for “NO FRIENDS LEFT”. I have a couple of friends like that. My heart sinks when I see their name on caller ID or see them coming down the hall. Why? Because I assume they have “ANOTHER GREAT LITTLE DEAL FOR ME”. So I avoid them. If you lean to share or network by sharing your excitement or interest in something as a part of your normal conversation, you will not be in the NFL club.

10 Business Building Principles

There are a few things that are really important in building your Young Living Business.

    1 - Print yourself some business cards. The cards need to have your picture on them, your contact information and your Young Living Member number. When you meet people who are interested in the oils you need to have a way to leave them your contact information.
    2 - Get yourself a little notebook you can carry around with you to write down the names of people you meet so you can write down their contact information. (You may want to do that with a smart phone instead if you have one). That is one of the hardest lessons for people in this business to learn: GET THEIR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER! It is so much easier to just hand them your card and then ask them to call you. In many instances even if they are interested they will not remember to do that. If you are going to be successful in this business, you need to learn how to get peoples contact information when you talk to them AND THEN YOU DO THE FOLLOW UP GETTING BACK TO THEM. If you wait for them to call you will in most cases be disappointed. This is a business of follow up. Once you have talked to someone and they express interest when you get home send them something in the mail about Young Living. Then after a couple of days call them on the phone and FOLLOW UP. FOLLOW UP. FOLLOW UP. Following up will be one of the keys to your success.
    3 - Get some of the Young Living literature that you can give you when you talk to people. Carry that literature with you everywhere you go. (you pick which handouts you like best). It needs to be a small flyer that tells a little about the company and the oils. But most of all has your name and contact information on the back. Young Living has lots of them available.
    4 - Don't be afraid to talk to people. You meet people everywhere you go. You never know when you are talking to your next business builder. If you read the stories of people who are in Young Living as Diamonds you will see that a lot of them were just store clerks or neighbors of someone or a receptionist. Some of the best sales people in the world have not been found yet and you may be talking to one of them without knowing it. Bring up your Young Living business in your conversation and don't be afraid to ask them if they are interested in being self-employed or having a second income. If they are not interested then move on. BUT DON'T LET THEM CROSS YOUR PATH WITHOUT AT LEAST ASKING.
    5 - One of the most successful tools we have in this business is having small meetings in someone’s home. It has been shown that the meetings are most successful if there is less than 10 people there at one time so you can pay special attention to each of them. We have found giving a FOOTSIE TOOTSIE PARTY is our most successful way of giving a meeting. If you don't know what that is, see the instructions on how to do it below.
    6 - Preparation is the key to eliminating fear. Many people when they join Young Living are afraid to talk to any one because they DON'T KNOW ANYTHING.  That is an easy problem to solve.  Preparation comes by listening to the videos Young Living has prepared, Reading books and handouts about essential oils, looking up subjects about essential oils on GOOGLE, talking to others in Young Living about their experiences in Young Living, holding meetings in your home where people ask you questions (that by the way is the best way you can possibly learn because you then look up the answer and learn yourself as well as teaching them).  If you are not reading a book at least once a month (any book.. some book… just a book) you are falling behind in your learning.  Most people never read another book after they leave school.  Don’t be one of those people.  One of the most important things I learned in college was “I LEARNED HOW TO LEARN”.  Margaret Mead said that we all have to get a new college education every 4 years.  I have found that to be true of my life.  Have you realized yet that avid readers are the ones who are the most successful in life.  If you don’t have the reading habit THEN START NOW AND GET IT… GET IT? You will never be afraid to talk to someone about the oils if you become an expert in them.  THAT IS RIGHT… BECOME AND EXPERT IN ESSENTIAL OILS….  Then you will be successful in building your Young Living business beyond your fondest dreams. Why?  Because you will talk about the oils where ever you go and because you will do that, your Young Living team will grow and grow and grow.
    7 - Once you have found someone who is interested and has signed up with you as a member, then support them.  Call them and talk to them at least once a week.  If they live close enough to you, help them have meetings in their home.  If you come and do the talking, they will be a lot more willing to hold meetings in their home.  Share information with them.  Help them learn about the oils.  It is an age old fact that you learn most by teaching.  As you teach your Young Living team members, you will learn more from the teaching than they will.
    8 -

    Get into social media.  Anyone can start a web page or Facebook page. Social Media has become the main way people are communicating now days (even more than email or web pages).  You need to have a place to send people to get more information.  You can easy get a web page through young living.  We actually have two web pages. One is directly from Young Living ( and the other one we pay to maintain for us (  We also have two Facebook page just for Young Living and a second one that we pay to maintain for us.

     This may be a new learning process for you if you have not been into social media before.  But if you are going to be successful in this business you need to keep up with the times and the technology. So don't be afraid to do a little study and learning about new things.  Your time will more than be paid back with success and financial security.  Here are some examples of web pages and Facebook pages we have created for you to look at.
    Cordell's Young Living Oils on Facebook
    Young Living Facebook page by Cordell Vail
    Our Young Living Web Page hosted by
    9 - Get over your fear of talking to people. That is a must. This business is a social business. You are going to build a Young Living Oils Team. You will need to talk to people everywhere you go to find them and once they have joined your team you will need to talk to them continually to keep them interested and working as team members. They are going to depend on you to be their leader. You need to be knowledgeable about the oils and willing to help them build their business. That is going to take constant contact. The more involved you are with your team the more it will grow. You will know you are being successful when the members of your Young Living team become some of your best friends, almost like a part of your family.

    10 - Have a plan then work your plan. You need to set and achieve goals.  Don’t be one of the people who never set goals.  It is true if you never set a goal you always achieve it but that is not a contributing factor in success.   If you need help with learning how to set and achieve goals, read my book on Goal Achieving. (To get a copy see BOOKS TO READ below).  Setting and achieving goals will be one of the main keys to your success.  If you have no plan you will have no success.  As a part of your plan associate with other Young Living Distributors who are successful.  That can most easily be accomplished by attending Young Living Convention every year in Salt Lake.  Yes that will cost you a little but it will also pay back big time.
Here is another newsleter where I outlined some of those same principles (except there are 40 of them):
40 Business Building Principles by Cordell Vail

Books To Read:

My Turn To Win: The Secret Of Excellence By Cordell & Janice Vail
This is the Work Book our my GOAL ACHIEVING semianrs. Hopefully reading it and following the suggestions will help you be more successful, easier and more quickly.

Articles and Handouts:

Handouts to use in your meetings.
We have scores of handouts, way too many to put here. If you are in our down line in Young Living and would like a copy of them, I will send them to you on a CD. They are all stored as Microsoft Office Word documents. When you get them, you are welcome to take our name off and put yours on them before you hand them out. The cost for the CD is just $4 to cover the cost of sending it to you.

Down Line Business Building Concepts That Work
This is a list of things that members of our down line have tried that have been successful in helping them sign people up. When you are building your business you need to keep track of what works. It may seem like a good idea but if you do not find any new people from doing it, then you need to move on. Don't mistake ACTIVITY for ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Insructions on how to hold a Footsie Tootsie Party.
This has been our most successful way to introduce oils to a new prospective customer or associate.
(I am still working on this hadnout. Should be here soon)


One of the most important things you can learn in this business is to NOT DIAGNOSE OR PRESCRIBE. We are not doctors or medical practinitioners. If you tell people which oils to use to cure some ailment, you could lose your distributorship. So all the doucments we create have to be complaint with FDA rules. Also when you talk to other people you need to be sure that you only say things to them that are compliant with FDA rules. Here are some documents that should help you learn what you need to know about FDA compliance as you build your Young Living Team:

Say This Not That Compliance Vedio by Young Living
FDA Inspection Letter To Young Living

Understanding the competition

One of the things you will find out right aweay is that we are not the only ones in the Essential Oils business. There are several other companies marketing similar products and now even some of the brick and mortor stores like Walmart and Fredmyer are selling them. It is really important that you understand the significance of quality when comparing our products to other companies or other essential oil brands. The key here is to know that what you pay for is what you get. Here is a little excerpt from the Life Sicence Desk Reference (chapter 6) that will be the beginning of your study of essential oil quality (and yes this is going to take some study to become knowledgable as to why Young Living is the best of the best in the Essential Oils business.

Young Living Seed To Seal Promise
Young Living Vrs DoTerra
Brenda Krug's Notes from 2013 YL Convention

Other Down Line Member Ideas


By Tess Butler
Sharing by giving
She is one of the members of our down line offered to give free foot massages to here friends on Facebook. She had several accept the offer and now they are coming back wanting to buy the oils. Clerver way to introduce the oils by sharing rather than by selling them. Great idea Tess... way to go!!!

My Indirect Selling Approach

One of the things that has helped me meet new people more than anything else is emergency preparedness. Everyone seems to be interested in it. I just do not like to approach people with a hard sell about my Young Living business. That puts you in the NFL (No Friends Left) club. So I try to use other ways to talk to people to see if they would be interested without confronting them directly. By talking to them about Emergency Preparedness is one of the ways I have found that I can easily do that. In the conversation I bring up the fact that where I live they have told us that if there is a major earthquake we should not expect to see a fireman, policeman, ambulance or medevac helicopter for at least 5 weeks, even if your arm is cut off. That is because we live in a very rural area and they will pull all the first responders into the larger citys where most of the people live. Then I tell them some of the oils I have stored in my emergency supply like Lavender for burns and Thieves, Purification and Imupower for infections. I also mention R.C. and Myrtle for respiratory problems. That normally tells me right away if they are interested in knowing more about the oils. If not I just move on in the conversation and hopefully they do not feel like they got "HIT ON" by a salesperson.


Click here to see Lisa Chidster on Chanel 12 News
(it is right after the spot on the chocolate company moving
Chanel 12 TV - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Networking Event for YOUNG LIVING OILS

Bullet Points that were covered with Channel 12 news on Monday, April 6 at 10 AM

*My name is Lisa Chidester, and I will be hosting a Small Business Networking Event on Tuesday, April 14 from 9 AM to 12 PM.
*I would like to open up this event to any Brooklyn Park business owner who would like to promote his or her business.
*This event is random in nature. I have a nice variety of brick-and-mortar store owners, professionals, network marketers, and service people coming. This is limited to the first 30 people who contact me .
*Bring any product, inventory, sample, or brochure that you would like to present to others.
*I will have my garage available to anyone who would like to bring a table to display your product from 9 AM to noon.
*Please bring 30 business cards or flyers and place them in these 30 sample bags that each business owner will walk away with. For example, I will be putting in my business card, 3 samples of my product and a flyer for an upcoming Young Living Essential Oils class. (I will display all of the items that will go in the bags.)
*At 10 AM sharp, I will shut my garage and invite each person come into my living room to present their business for 3 minutes--it will be timed to keep it moving and keep it fair.
*I encourage each business owner to share on idea that is working well in their business. I want everyone to walk away with new ideas and new contacts to breathe new life into their business.
*Once the presentations are finished, we will have a catered lunch from QFanatic barbeque. Please stay as long as you like to mingle with the other owners.
*The cost of the event is $18, and you must RSVP to or call me at 763-233-1704. My contact information will also be posted on Channel 12's Business Matters webpage.
*An example of a presentation would be like this:
"Hi my name is Lisa Chidester, and I represent Young Living Oils. These beautiful oils are the vital fluids of plants that are their life blood. Essential oils contain the life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy that gives healing to people. They can be inhaled, applied to the body, and taken internally to be used for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for 20 years and cannot imagine life without them. I use them to support my family when we have colds, flu, allergies, infections. These oils helped my youngest daughter overcome hypotonia, and they helped support my mother when she was battling cancer. We have a diffuser to help scent and disinfect the air in our home. I especially enjoy using them to give foot and back massages while we watch a movie.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be hosting an Essential Oils class in my home at 1 on April 15. I would love the opportunity to share with anyone who would like to learn about them. I have over 80 oils to smell and experience. I also have a variety of Young Living oils for sale today. Everyone will go home with 2 Ningxia Red samples and a dram of oil to take home in their gift bag. Also included is a flyer about tomorrows class and my contact information if they would like to know more. "

Lisa ChiDeSteR
Young Living Oils Distributor
Lisa Chidister Email


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